Collision Repair and Auto Body Specialists

Here at the Melloy Dodge Body Shop, at the same location at Lomas and I-25, we can handle your routine maintenance like oil changes as well as repair work. We work with all insurance companies, and are happy to provide you a free estimate on repair work. Our techs at the Melloy Dodge Body Shop and Collision Repair are I-car collision repair trained, we work with state of the art equipment, and we warranty our work for as long as you own your vehicle. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and you can call us at 888-544-2014.

Service/Body Shop and Collision Repair

AutoMax offers many Gold Check Certified used cars and trucks. These certified pre-owned models offer a two-month, 2,000-mile limited warranty. An extended warranty option is available for non-certified models to protect your investment. Why do we recommend a protection plan? If you’re like most car buyers, you did a lot of research so you know you’re purchasing a reliable vehicle. However, no matter how reliable your car or truck may be, you know that some day it may break down. Although you can’t predict when that will happen, the repair cost will likely be yours to pay, and it’s an expense you didn’t expect. When you purchase an extended warranty protection plan for your car or truck, the repair costs are minimized. After all, why pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars for auto repairs when you might be able to pay just a small deductible instead? When purchasing extended warranty coverage, be certain to buy from a reputable company. We recommend the coverage include the option to cancel the contract at any time, penalty-free monthly payment plans, towing service, rental car and trip-interruption benefits. If you want to avoid expensive repairs on your pre-owned vehicle and would like a free no-obligation quote on an extended service contract, we’ll provide you with competitive extended warranty options.